Based on the Edward Abbey novel, The Brave Cowboy, this modern replica hublot western has been quoted as one of Kirk's personal favorites (even Michael Douglas, has named it as one of his father's best roles). Filmed around Albuquerque, New Mexico, Lonely Are The Brave stars Kirk as Jack Burns, an www.watchesbuy independent modern day cowboy who stays mostly out of touch with modern society. He lives a nomadic and very traditional western existence, using his horse for transportation and the open plains as a bed. But, Jack's individualistic lifestyle is, suddenly, rocked when he replica omega seamaster discovers that his old friend, Paul, has been arrested for aiding illegal immigrants. Concerned about his friend's wellbeing, Jack decides to get arrested, himself, in order to help Paul break out of jail from the inside. However, the fake rolex ramifications of this reckless decision run the risk of ruining his beloved independent lifestyle forever. Without a doubt, Kirk's rough hewn face and weathered performance as Jack, make him one of the screen's most convincing cowboys. Kirk even performed his own stunts in this film, some of which (involving a horse and a mountain terrain) were really quite dangerous. Beloved by many western fans, Lonely Are The Brave has earned somewhat of a cult status over the years. If you like nontraditional westerns, this is the movie for you.